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Our Team

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Leann Gasaway

Founder & Baker

Daniel Kwik

Calvin Start-Ups CEO

McKay VanSickle

Social Media Marketing

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About Us

We want to help bring a smile to students’ faces, and what better way than cupcakes?! As students discover what their college experience is like and get burned out on projects and papers, they want a reminder that someone who loves them is thinking about them. Whether you want to send your student cupcakes for their birthday or to wish them good luck on their midterms, we deliver cupcakes directly to their on-campus housing with a personalized message from you.



Our Story

Calvin Cupcakes first became an idea when Leann wanted to bring her passion for baking to Calvin students. A student org called Calvin Start-Ups was looking to begin a number of student-run ventures to help campus thrive, provide more jobs for students on campus, and equip students to start a venture on campus with less risk and immense gains to enter into the business world with greater experience. Calvin Cupcakes is proud to be the first of many student-run ventures at Calvin University.


As students, we understand what it is like to feel lonely and stressed while being far away from home. Cupcakes are a special treat and reminder that you are thinking of your student or friend on campus. You may purchase cupcakes one time for a special occasion or choose our subscription option that delivers cupcakes once a month to your student. Help us show some love to your student!

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